About Your Maintenance NeedsOur employees will be glad to assist you with any mechanical or equipment failures that occur. If calling, please call the 24 Hour Maintenance Requests - Toll Free: 833-433-0333

After-Hours Maintenance EmergenciesAny call that suggests it involves health, life, safety, and/or to prevent imminent damage to property will be considered an emergency. Additionally, the following are examples with descriptions for items to be classified as emergencies.

Plumbing Emergencies

  • Broken pipe: outdoor pipes with water or sewage running onto property or into streets
  • Broken pipes/flooding water/sewage coming into an apartment or building, creating potential for property damage or health risk. Water that leaks into a sink or bathtub or that can be reasonably contained is not an emergency. Toilets that are stopped up but not continually flooding are not an emergency (if the unit has more than 1 toilet)
  • Ceiling waterlogged / leaking water: ceiling in imminent danger of falling
  • Hot water: no hot water. This will be considered an emergency if resident is ELDERLY or DISABLED
  • No heat in cold weather or if resident has a chronic illness or disability that a temporary lack of heat would create a health issue for the resident
  • Sewage back up
  • Toilet: lack of functioning toilet (in apartments with only one toilet)
  • Water leak: water actively leaking from a faucet or drain that cannot be shut off
  • Water outage (no running water in unit)
Electrical Emergencies

  • Electrical outage for an entire apartment or building. (no power)
  • Electrical hazards: water leak on/near (approaching) electrical equipment
  • Electrical hazards: exposed wiring or downed electrical lines.
  • Exposed electrical wires: missing or broken breakers, fuses, cover plates, switches, or outlets, which expose live electrical wires. Wires Sparking
  • Power outage
  • Smoke detector: sounding an alarm
  • Partial failure of lighting if resident is in danger of potential injury
General Emergencies

  • Carbon Monoxide fumes: fumes from improperly vented (misaligned or missing chimney/ventilation system) gas furnaces or hot water heaters. In the event of Carbon Monoxide spewing into the unit, exit immediately.
  • Carbon Monoxide detector beeping or not working (If a Carbon Monoxide alarm sounds, resident /occupants must exit the unit immediately).
  • Damaged structure/equipment: potential for bodily harm from ceiling buckling, falling structure, or sharp edges.
  • Emergency/fire exits: marked emergency exits are chained, locked, blocked, or broken so they cannot be used. Furniture or a/c window units inside a resident's unit blocking exits should be reported to the manager.
  • Elevator not operating.
  • Fires: inside or immediately outside the unit that may endanger people or property. Call 911 First.
  • Gas leaks: natural, methane, or propane gas leaks inside or outside a unit/building. Includes vacant and/or unoccupied units/buildings. Smell of fumes.
  • Glass broken: window glass which affects security, is a cutting hazard or occurs with inclement weather.
  • Heating system triggering the alarm to go off. 
  • Locks: broken or missing, which affect unit and/or building security.
  • Locked in apartment: people are in the apartment and cannot get out. No additional doors.
  • Locked out: apartment is locked with no one inside and there is a situation potentially causing property damage. A resident who is locked out for various reasons will be considered a customer service priority and treated as an emergency.
  • Lock change: When the resident is the victim of a crime such as theft of keys. Note: The Housing Authority cannot intervene to lock out a roommate, spouse, or partner unless there is a court orders specifically allowing this. A Restraining order is not necessarily such a court order.
  • Refrigerator not working for elderly tenant or not working on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Holiday, or any other major holiday, or if the family is chronically ill, elderly, or disabled.
  • Security: exterior entry door(s) or windows that cannot be locked to secure the apartment/building.
  • Stove not working on major holidays, including but not limited to Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas Holiday.
  • Stove not turning OFF.
  • Vehicle crashing into building.
In the event of major emergencies, the resident should call 911 before calling the work order number.

Following are considered major emergencies:

  1. Fire - Call 911
  2. Crime - Call 911
  3. Gas Leak - Call 911
  4. Dead Body - Call 911
Residents are encouraged to call the after hours work order number if a true emergency exists. If a worker order is called in and a maintenance staff member is dispatched, the resident or other designated person should meet the maintenance person at the unit or site.

Residents are discouraged from attempting their own repairs, other than trying to temporarily stop a leak, etc. Our highly trained maintenance staff are available to handle maintenance issues. In the event of major criminal activity at the site that is reported to the work order center, the Manager or Maintenance Manager or other Management will be notified. Response will depend on the situation.