To accomplish the goals of the Resident Services Program, we partner with numerous local community organizations, government affiliates, and business associates that will best serve the needs expressed by housing clientele.

Community partners have come together to form an organization known as the HACSB Program Coordinating Committee, or PCC The PCC consists of Partners that have dedicated resources to assist housing clientele.  These partners also attend regular meetings with the Housing Authority, review successes, address relevant issues, plan events, and adjust services as necessary.  The PCC contributes to the overall success and direction of the Resident Services Program.

PCC members generally provide services on-site at various Housing Authority Complexes throughout the countywide jurisdiction of the agency, but not all services are equally available in all areas.  Most PCC sponsored services are available at NO COST to the client, providing the client enrolls in the HACSB Resident Services Program and receives a written Resident Services Referral to the service provider. Partners may provide services on site, via the internet, or from their own offices. Not all Partners are members of the PCC, but they will accept written referrals from Resident Services on a clients behalf.

Meet our Partners & PCC Members

Program Coordinating Committe Calendar 2019



Invitation to Prospective Partners

The Resident Services Program is continuously seeking additional services and resources to meet the needs of the clientele we serve. If your organization or affiliate serves a targeted clientele of low income families or individuals that you believe could benefit from a service or activity that you are willing to provide at little, (or preferably), no cost to the client, please take a moment to consider becoming a Partner and/or PCC Member. You may select to submit either your signed PCC Statement of Commitment, or a Service Activity Application. If you are still in doubt, please contact the Resident Services Coordinator for further discussion by calling (805) 925-4393 Ext 3300. We look forward to hearing from you, and greatly appreciate your time and consideration toward a potential partnership!

(All prospective partnership requests remain subject to the approval of the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara, and the HACSB Program Coordinating Committee).

PCC Mission Statement

PCC Statement of Commitment

Service Activity Application