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  • Mainstream Housing Choice Special Programs - CLOSED with exception below:
NOTIFICATION IS HEREBY GIVEN that EFFECTIVE April 30, 2022 at 11:59 pm The Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara the following waiting lists will be CLOSED for new applications for Section 8 Mainstream and Leland Park Apartments with the exception of the health and safety preference which is: "A preference to existing HASBARCO program participants in programs other than HCV who require a unit transfer for reasons of health and safety, and where no appropriate unit within their current program is available".

Housing Assistance Waiting List Information

Selection for participation in Housing Assistance Programs administered by the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara begins with submittal of a Housing Assistance Pre-Application (form 89001, Pre-Application for Selection from Waiting List).

An applicant's placement and position on the Waiting List(s) is established by preferences, application date, and time that the Housing Assistance Pre-Application form is received by the Housing Authority.


  1. Resident of the County of Santa Barbara
  2. Working Family, or Elderly, or Disabled 
  3. Veteran Status
  4. Involuntary Displacement
    1. Displaced by a HUD Program
    2. Displaced to Avoid Reprisals
    3. Displaced by Government Action
    4. Displaced by Private Action 
Applications completed online through the Applicant Portal are considered received at the time and date of completion of online application. Paper applications may returned to any Housing Authority office, or be faxed to the Housing Authority at 805-735-7672. The date and time of fax receipt will be considered the date and time received. IMPORTANT! A valid email address is required to register online.

All applicants are required to provide verification of eligibility for all Preferences claimed on their Pre-Application. Copies of verifications must be attached to the Housing Assistance Pre-Application and all application updates. Preferences will not be given unless proper verification is submitted as required and the applicant will be returned to the waiting list.

An applicant's position on the Waiting List(s) may move down causing a longer waiting period if new applicants establish eligibility for more Preferences; applicants with more Preferences are placed higher on the Waiting List(s).

The Housing Authority does not have an emergency housing program. The supply of housing assistance available is limited and is offered to applicants from the Waiting List(s) when present participants give up their housing assistance or their housing assistance is terminated by the Housing Authority.

It is important that you submit an update to your application immediately. When you have any changes to your Pre-Application for housing (example: change of name, income, address, family composition) you must fill out an Application Update Form and mail or bring into one of our offices within 10 days of the change. Applicants will be notified by mail to come in for a formal interview appointment when housing assistance is available. If we are not able to contact you, your housing assistance application will be cancelled from all Waiting Lists.

Waiting Lists are also available by visiting one of our office locations

Proper Photo Identification will be required for any information related to your application for housing. 

Revised 02/2016