Rent Increase

REQUEST RENT INCREASELandlords, click here to submit a Rent Increase Request.

A Landlord must request a rent increase in writing at least 60 days before the effective date of the increase. You may do this by clicking the link above. The increase, if approved, can be granted only on the first day of the month following the 60 day notice.

Example #1: Received Request on 1-1-08
60 days later the increase will become effective 3-1-08

Example #2: Received Request on 1-15-08
60 days later would be 3-15-08
Since the increase can only be granted on the first day of the month the increase would not take effect until 4/1/08

The Housing Authority will determine and document on a case-by-case basis. The approved rent is reasonable in comparison to rent for the other comparable unassisted units in the market. The data for the rent reasonableness will be gathered from Internet Realtors, professional association, market surveys, and other available sources. Other factors to be considered is the location and age of unit, type and size of unit, maintenance and improvements made, and amenities and utilities included in the rent.

Note: The file will be reviewed to ensure that an increase is due at the time. Remember, if you are under a lease, you cannot receive an increase until the conclusion of the lease period. However, you may submit your request for an increase 60 days prior to the conclusion of the lease term.

  • After a determination has been made by the Inspector and accepted by the Landlord, a rent reasonableness form will be completed. This form will be submitted to the Housing Manager for approval.
  • The Housing Manager will review the request.
  • The Landlord will be notified in writing when the rent increase is approved/disapproved. If approved, a tenancy addendum will be executed on the first day of the month following the 60 day notice.
If you disagree with our decision you may contact the Housing Manager.