$3,000 Landlord Leasing Incentive! Mainstream Voucher Program

INCENTIVES for leasing up of each voucher are:

  • $3,000 incentive to landlords for each voucher leased,
  • $2,000 security deposit (lesser of one month's rent or $2,000),
  • $2,000 mitigation insurance fund for each leased up voucher (up to $2,000), for damages upon vacate in excess of security deposit
These incentives are not retroactive for previously leased mainstream vouchers. Incentives apply only to vouchers leased up within Santa Barbara County.*

Visit the Landlord Leasing Incentive Mainstream Voucher Program News for full details.

If you are a property owner and need to list your property

  • Affords landlords the largest national platform for reaching Section 8 eligible families.
  • Provides a free listing option for all landlords and property managers.
  • They also offer Premium services to landlords, such as cost-effective options for enhanced listings exposure and ongoing tenant placement services.
  • You can register for at 
To view, print, or download the Property Listing Form, click here.

Landlord Support Email 
Landlord Hot Line: 805-737-6188
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Message to Owners and Managers of rental properties in The County of Santa Barbara:
The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program Needs You!

View our updated Landlord Information Packet

Landlord participation is essential in order to utilize housing vouchers. The vouchers are a guarantee that the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara will be paying you a portion of the family's monthly rent.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development recently increased the voucher subsidy levels substantially and we can now approve higher rents than in previous years.

Landlords screen and select Section 8 participating families as they would any other tenant, keeping in mind that the family is low-income and will pay only a portion of the rent, with the Housing Authority paying the balance.  Landlords may use their own rental agreement and set the term of the lease to conform with other leases in the locality. Minimal paperwork is required to participate in the Section 8 Program. The Housing Authority conducts an inspection to satisfy basic health and safety requirements and for use by the landlord as a management tool.

We hope you will consider participating in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program and help ease the housing crisis faced by many families in Santa Barbara County.

Please contact our staff at one of the offices listed on our Office Locations page if you would like to list your vacant property for referrals from our office or if you have questions regarding the program.

If you are a current landlord and are interested to know what Housing Authority inspectors look for in the Housing Inspection please follow this link to Commonly Missed HQS Inspection Items.

Forms are now available online for download click here to go to resources section.