ACH Rent Payment Information

Automatic Rent Payment Opportunity (ACH)The Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara (HASBARCO) is pleased to announce that your rent payment can now be paid automatically as an electronic payment directly from your bank account. Best of all... it comes at no additional cost to you!

Here's how it works:

You authorize your rent payment to be made from your checking or savings account. Then just sit back and relax. YOUR RENT WILL BE PAID AUTOMATICALLY ON THE 4TH OF THE MONTH. Proof of payment will appear on your bank statement when you access your account. The authority you give to charge your bank account will remain in effect until you notify us in writing to terminate the authorization.

Automatic Rent Payment Program is dependable, convenient and EASY!

  • It saves you time with fewer checks to write
  • Rent is paid on time, even if you're out of town on vacation
  • It's easy to sign up and easy to cancel
  • No more unnecessary "out of your way" trips to the post office to mail your check, or checks being lost in the mail
  • And no more worrying about forgetting to pay your rent on time and dealing with late fees
However, before you can pay your rent using ACH, you will need to complete the ACH Authorization enrollment form.

Recurring ACH Debit Authorization Form - English
Recurring ACH Debit Authorization Form - Spanish

If you have any questions related to Automatic Rent Payment (ACH), please contact Mary Domingos at 805-736-3423, ext. 4023.

Thank you for considering this option!

ACH Authorization Enrollment Form InstructionsEnrollment is EASY!

  1. Complete the ACH Authorization Enrollment Agreement for Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Debit Transfer Form. Enter all the necessary information on the form. Please do not omit any information.
  2. Attach and original voided check (deposit slips or temporary checks are NOT acceptable) for the checking or saving account form which you would like the Housing Authority to withdraw the funds from. You may write "VOID" across the front of the check and mark through the signature portion of your check.
  3. Return the completed form, together with your voided check, to the Housing Authority Office located near you, attention: Finance Department (ACH Authorization Form).
  4. We will not sign up residents who have an outstanding unpaid balance for rent and retroactive rent balances. Also, we will not process any ACH debit transfers for any tenant who have a pending termination notice or evictions.
  5. You will receive a letter in the mail confirming the start date of your first rent payment.
If you have any questions or need assistance in completing the ACH Authorization Enrollment form, please call Mary Domingos at 805-736-3423, ext. 4023 or your Housing Specialist.