Harry's House

Project Name: Harry's House of Golden Inn & Village
Project Address: 890 Refugio Rd., Santa Ynez, CA 93460
Owner: Harry's House, LP
APN: 141-380-045
Lot Area: 2.2 Acres
Population Served: New Senior Independent Living with Elevated Services
Type: New Construction
Total Units: 80
Project Description:

The project involves the construction of a two-story building with a total of 60 affordable rental units (including 1 manager unit) and associated amenities.

All the 59 tenant units are studio apartments, all fully-accessible and the resident manager occupies a 1 bedroom/1 bath. The available units will be senior housing for heads of household 62 and older, to serve income-qualified seniors, including seniors with significant mobility needs and needing an environment to support and enhance self-care.

Additionally, there will be a large community center which will have a community dining program, meeting room and laundry center with 6 washers and dryers, covered patio, BBQ, bike parking, enclosed trash area and a mailbox area as well as two small group and individual meeting rooms.

Harry's House - Unit Plan890 Refugio Rd., Santa Ynez, CA 93460

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Unit Count:

  • 56 - Deluxe Studio Units
  • 4 - Studio Units
  • 60 - Total Units
Deluxe Studio Unit: 27' by 20'
Typical Studio Unit: 27' by 15'

Harry's House - Site Plan
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