Board of Commissioners

Board of Commissioners / Governing BodyGoverning Body

The Board of Commissioners is comprised of seven persons who are local business and community leaders who represent the interests of each community throughout the county. To ensure adequate representation, each County Supervisor appoints a member from his/her district (a total of five), and the entire Board of Supervisors appoints two other commissioners who must be tenants in housing units owned by the Housing Authority, as required by state law. One of the tenant commissioners must be a person at least 62 years of age.

Functioning much like a Board of Directors in other corporations, the Authority's Board of Commissioners is responsible for setting agency policy. Persons interested in serving on the Commission should contact the office of the County Supervisor for their district.

Our current Board Members are Shay Allen, Christian Alonso, Lisa Knox-Burns, Robert Doyle, Henry Mercado, Greg Ortiz and James Pearson.